28 Apr 2006

Motorola messes it up....again.

Between the recent impounding of 50,000 handsets in Russia, and the imminent patent violation lawsuit, it is obvious that Motorola's future in Russia is in jeopardy.

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A global corporate, like Motorola, sending $100m worth of handsets without proper conformance testing is a ridiculously stupid thing to do.
On one hand, Motorola keeps highlighting the importance of the emerging market for the future of the company, and Russia by far is on the top of the list. But on the other hand, the company suffers from an old-fashioned, archaic and US centric view to the world and a we-know-it-all attitude.

My close encounter with the company revealed that, instead of reacting to customers' needs, the prevalent attitude is that Motorolans "innovate", and by virtue of being Motorola the world is expected to stand up in ovation and applause, and adopt the Moto innovation lock stock and barrel.

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