19 Oct 2007

Femtocells are much more than cheap telephony

The compelling selling points of femtocells are increasingly becoming more noticeable.

The apparent strong compelling factor is the disruptive value proposition in terms of cost of delivering a minute of calls (or Mbytes of data) to the end user. Another obvious one is related to service bundling and other innovative marketing ideas.

One area that is increasingly getting attention is the femtocell as platform for added value services (VAS) . The femtocell concept can be extended to make it an integrated 3G access point and intelligent home gateway that offers added value services to the customer. Imagine what can be achieved if a mobile operator can offer something like this, but with a proper cellular flavored radio. This will make femtocells ideal candidates for IMS type of deployments.

The femtoell can also be used as a content distribution platform. In this model content/services/application can be pushed to the UE when the femtocell senses the UE is in its vicinity.

Even a more exciting proposition, is what I call Reverse Content Distribution, where a roaming user outside the femtocell zone can access his content remotely. The femto can orchestrate the user’s access to various equipments at home, such as the PC, Home Media Server, Apple TV, …etc. It can also perform various remote home control functions, like switch on the heating, prepare the bath, access the burglar alarm …etc. There are various mechanisms to enable this. For example, it can be via a femto access interface on the application level. Alternatively, the femtocell can be a passive element and home control can be achieved pretty much in the same way it can be done today from a PC across the internet.


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