17 Feb 2006

3GSM highlights

Highspeed data (e.g. HSDPA), mobile TV, IM and wireless broadband. These are the areas that most companies emphasised upon this year. However, beside these over hyped technologies, there are many items in news coverage of 3GSM 2006 that are worth taking note of:
- Nokia and Sanyo's collaboration to penetrate the CDMA handset market in USA in direct competition to Qualcomm and Samsung.
- Motorola's vision of connecting the unconnected: There are 4 billion people on this planet without any form of communication.
- Vodafone announced collaboration with Huawei to develop cheap 3G mobile handsets. I guess Motorola who envisaged this idea of developing the cheapest phone on the planet is unhappy about this. Telecomm companies see emmerging markets and developing countries (politically correct term that means under-developed) as a huge target market for low cost communication systems, competing on cost. It won't be long before we see the poor man's mobile around us.

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